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Ardmona, Northern Victoria

Just west of the Goulburn River, in a tiny pocket of northern Victoria, lies one of the countries most fertile regions.

Ardmona, set within the Shepparton Irrigation Region, has a myriad of unique characteristics; plentiful irrigation water, fine sandy loam soil, long sunny days and crisp winter nights. 

The winter frosts provide enough chill hours for fruit to set, while subtly enhancing yield, quality and flavour.

Nutrient rich soil, known as East Shepparton fine sandy loam, drains easily and results in a healthy tree that produces high quality fruit. 

And finally, the long, uninterrupted hours of sunlight develop brilliant colour only found in this corner of northern Victoria.

This mix of perfect climatic conditions results in fruit with fine texture, colour and taste. It is both distinctive and delicious.