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About Us

Beside the Gala apples, not far from the old homestead, stands a towering Oak tree. More than 120 years old, the tree is a living memory of Edward Turnbull who chose to try his luck growing fruit in Australia.

Arriving in Ardmona in 1892, Edward brought an acorn in his pocket all the way from Northumberland, England and planted it to mark the boundary of his new orchard.

These days, the old Oak is a meeting place to celebrate a good cherry harvest or reflect on a long, challenging season. But mostly, it’s a reminder of Edward’s courage, strength and sheer luck.

For five generations, the Turnbull family has made fruit growing their craft and now believe the skill is in their blood.

With a target to deliver class one, premium produce, the Turnbulls grow fruit enjoyed by people all over Australia and overseas.